a bit about me...

goodness! i’ve been working in fashion for nearly 20 years. what started out as a favor for a friend to style a music video has largely become my life’s work. i’ve done videos, commercials, editorial, merchandising, and most recently, interiors. 

very early on i had a love of clothing, textiles, stationery and visual merchandising. while other kids were excited about amusement parks and play dates, i much preferred a trip downtown to shop the side streets lined with clothes, fabrics and trimmings; walk the halls of the wholesale mart to admire gift and home brands; or spend a few quiet hours with a fashion mag.

i grew up in l.a. so there was a lot to be inspired by, and i think cali life still informs my style philosophy: classic, simple and informed choices with a refined edge and a bit of whimsy. i also lived in nyc for a time (don’t you have to if you really want to do fashion?) and experienced so much there. it’s an incredible cultural mash-up, and that’s where i learned to take fashion chances and to never “dumb down” my style because someone else might not get it. lessons (taking chances & doing what works for me) i often apply to parenting!

in the midst of marriage, a master’s degree and motherhood, i started a personal styling company for busy women who want to cultivate their style. and as my consultancy grew, so did the scope of my work. now that both my littles are in school, you may find me dressing a client for a special event, staging a property for a real estate listing, or curating and writing for several online fashion destinations. of course, you could just as easily find me at target, trader joe’s or carpool line.

style goes carpool is my latest adventure, and it's the one i'm most passionate about.


a bit about the blog...

starting this blog has been on my heart for a while. the details have taken some twists and turns, but the core idea has remained the same: offer achievable, fashion guidance to busy women with full lives delivered in an uncomplicated and fun way. specifically, style goes carpool is designed to be a brief stop in the day for style information and inspiration.

and i’m talking to the mommy set. we are a special group with a monumental task: we are the driving force behind our family’s life experiences. we must demonstrate good character in order to grow it in our brood; provide the filter and safety needed to navigate the big world; be strong, vulnerable, honest and gritty. selfless and self-loving. engaged and goofy. no pressure, right?

and, well, wouldn’t it be nice to look good doing it all? wouldn’t it be refreshing to cultivate your personal style and to get excited about your look? style goes carpool shows you how to stay fashion-conscious knowing full well that family comes first and we haven’t got all day to look smashing.

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