stretching summer

did you say your goodbyes to summer? have you made peace with the change of season? this is the first time that our family experienced some serious heartbreak with summer's end. it was hard to let go of the spontaneity, travel, all-day pajama lounging and adventure. if i do say so myself, mommy did a damn fine job of juggling camps and travel, extended family visits and play dates, raucous moments and quiet, one-on-one time. we had a great summer, and we're going to miss it.

as consolation, i'm holding on to my summer wardrobe as long as possible; coats and layering will be here soon enough. fall doesn't officially start this year until september 22nd, and since temps are still warm, why not linger in summer's best? before you stash your favorite lightweight pieces in the back of the closet or under the guest room bed, check out these three easy ways to make your summer essentials last.

#1. i'm weepy when i have to give up my easy, breezy dresses. as the late afternoon and evenings get chillier, pair your favorite floral dress with boots (instead of lace-up sandals) and pull out your tried-and-true moto jacket. the addition of the tall boot (or you could do booties) and leather will not only keep you warm, but stylishly signal the seasonal transition.   

#2. some of you still have to get over the "white after labor day" thing so this one may be tough for you, but trust me, your white jeans can (and should) take you right into the holidays. pair them now with a darker hued sweater (instead of a linen top or cami) and add a pair of interesting suede shoes. the sweater will not only keep you from getting cold, but the color and texture will contrast the brightness of the jeans (in a good way) and make your look completely appropriate and very modern. together with a suede shoe, a classically fall material, you'll be killing it in your summer basic straight through thanksgiving.   

#3. your cheery, bright summer bag may have to get shelved at some point for the blacks, browns and wine colors of fall/winter, but not yet. instead, complement the boldness with neutral pairings or go monochromatic. i love camel and gray together, for example, or you could do a one-color ensemble in navy, gray, or of course, black. making your summer-shade bag (hot pink, yellow, turquoise) relevant in the coming months is just a matter of wearing it more thoughtfully and with traditional fall colors instead of florals and other brights. 

if, like me, you are still nostalgic for the days of summer, ignore the calendar and enjoy your lightweights a little longer.  

talk soon.