why not this?

“why don’t you…tie black tulle bows on your wrists?”

“why don’t you…find one dress that you like and have it copied many times? you will be much more successful than if you try to produce the same effects each evening.”

“why don’t you…put all your dogs in bright yellow collars and leads like all the dogs in paris?”

in the spring of 1936, the editor of harper’s bazaar magazine hired socialite diana vreeland after seeing her on the dance floor at the st. regis hotel wearing a white chanel dress with a bolero jacket, and roses in her hair. that evening was the start of her 26-year reign as fashion editor at the magazine, and over fashion, in general.

much of vreeland’s impact was in her originality and conviction, and her insistence that women step outside themselves. through her column, “why don’t you...?,”  she highlighted fashion and lifestyle suggestions that exemplified her personal maxim: “don’t just be your ordinary, boring self. why don’t you be ingenious and make yourself into something else.”

that’s not exactly a healthy point of view, but i am interested in taking more fashion risks and i’m encouraging you to do the same. so with vreeland as my muse (read: that’s a good idea; i think i’ll do that, too), i’m starting an ongoing post called, “why not this?” and i want you to join me. every month we are going to try something new that may or may not feel a little wonky, but that will expand our self-imposed style constraints and give us a good reason to be bold. yolo.

first up is a hand full of rings. wait! i can already hear you saying, “girl, bye." but remember, it’s not supposed to feel comfortable; it’s an expansion exercise. i chose gold and rhinestone rings, but you can do simple bands if that’s where you’re at. here is my inspiration photo. cheers to you, roxie and isabel.

pick rings with a theme in mind (like all gold, turquoise, flowers, vintage enamel), and group them on your fingers so that there are contrasts in shape and height. make your hand-full-of-rings the star of your outfit by wearing them with wardrobe basics like a monochromatic look or jeans + white tee. oh, and don't forget to incorporate a lot of hand gesturing during ordinary conversation.

let me know how it goes.

talk soon.